Round In-Pipe Tubular Light
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Round In-Pipe Tubular Light

23" Insert Only - 90 White LEDs

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Choose from 3 options:   ,All white LED light for task lighting where bright light is needed. For safety minded boaters choose white/red for dual function task/night vision preservation and safety lighting. Also available is dual color white/blue for task/mood lighting. Each dual color light can be easily wired for both all white and all color to enhance the effect of this style lighting.

No need to purchase multiple lights, these In-pipe lights not only come in all white, but in white/red, and white/blue models, also. The cool white 120° LEDs create a clean, non-glare flood-like illumination for night boating.
The dual color models allow you to switch from all-white light to all-red, or white to all-blue while under way. The cool white light is ideal for task lighting, while the red gives needed light without creating eye dilation to better preserve night vision and for fishing, navigating and safety. The blue light sets the mood and makes a boat look sensational.
To operate, simply switch the light on for one color, then off and on again for the second color.
• Long life LED bulbs with no filament to burn out
• 12V DC; draws less than 1 amp of current
• 90 high-intensity LEDs; all white, or 60/30 white/colored
• Light measures 22.5"; weighs less than 2.5 lb
• Switch not included
• Lifetime warranty

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