Quick Connect Water System Manifold

Quick Connect Water System Manifold

Modular Design Allows for Flexibility and Increased Water Flow
By: SeaTech

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Sea Tech Manifolds operate much like an electrical breaker box. The main water supply lines bring water into the manifold and individual distribution lines move water out to each fixture.
All outlets have a built in valve, with available label, which provides the ability to stop the water flow to any single fixture without shutting down the entire water system.

The new Sea Tech Manifold System comes in Single Side or Dual Side models, and utilizes an exclusive modular design, which enables you to build exactly the manifold you need.
Sea Tech also offers pre-assembled manifolds, see the table below for examples.

The model illustrated is a dual sided manifold, fed from one end with hot water and fed from the other end with cold water. There are 5 cold and 3 hot outlets with the option for additional cold water fixtures further downstream.

• The use of manifolds eliminates fittings and reduces tubing runs
• Each outlet port includes an integral high flow (serviceable) shut-off valve
• Single and Dual sections can be connected together
• Field-configurable
• Each manifold starts with a Union Body (inlet), which includes one (single models) or two (dual models) valved outlet ports. Each Union Body comes with a 1" CTS (1-1/8" OD) inlet fitting, which can be connected to your supply line utilizing available adapters
• Manifold Stem Body sections can be purchased individually and simply snapped together to create the ideal configuration for each application
• Manifolds can be terminated with an End Plug, or the last outlet port can be utilized for additional tubing runs
• Depending on their design, Single or Dual Side Manifolds can have one or two inlets, and thus can be plumbed for hot or cold water, or both. Single Side hot/cold manifolds are fed from each end via two union bodies and include an interior Divider Plug

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