Low Profile Satdome Mount - for 32" Satdomes

Low Profile Satdome Mount - for 32" Satdomes

AMA-32 • 9.75" x 8" Base, 4" Tall
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Use a low profile mount when the mounting footprint of your satdome is too large for the place you want to mount it - say on top of a radar arch - and you have no need to raise the antenna to avoid interferring with a radar.

Low profile mounts are have a relatively small mounting base (footprint), allowing them to be installed in locations where space is limited.
An adjustable wedge is available to help compensate for deck or radar arch slope. See Related Products, below.

This adapter is 4.00" tall with an approx. 9.75" x 8" base.
One round and three slotted mounting holes in the base allow for a variable hole pattern with maximum dimensions of 4.67" x 4.67".
The top plate has a diameter of 18.5"; a pattern of round and slotted mounting holes accept a number of satdome models.
Made from marine grade aluminum with white powder coating.
Cables are routed into the base through a pass-through gland panel at the rear, while an internal 3" center hole leads to the underside of the satdome.

Use with:
• Geonav & Epak SC90, TV90
• Intellian i9, k9, s85 (32")
• KVH M9, F77, FB500, V7 (32")
• Sea Tel (Cobham) DTV04 (32")

Heavy on the technical side...

Having trouble locating the Low Profile Satdome Mount you are looking for?
Below is a comprehensive list, alphabetically by manufacturer, matching satdomes to low profile mounts:
• Furuno Fleet 55, Felcom 50 (AMA-GXF)
• Furuno Fleet 33, Felcom 30 (AMA-14)
• Geonav & Epak TV44, TV46, TV59, SC60, TV61 (these require use of an ADA-M51 adapter - by Special Order) (AMA-18)
• Geonav & Epak SC90, TV90 (AMA-32)
• Glomex V9100, V9160, V9600, V9630, V9800 (20" - 27") (AMA-GXF)
• Intellian i1, i2 (11" - 13") (AMA-GXF)
• Intellian FB150, FB250 (10" - 14") (AMA-14)
• Intellian i3 (AMA-16)
• Intellian i4, i4P, k4, d4 (18") (AMA-18)
• Intellian i6, i6P, k6, d6, s60, FB500 (24") (AMA-24)
• Intellian i9, k9, s85 (32") (AMA-32)
• JRC JUE250, JUE33 (AMA-14)
• KVH M1, M1DX (12.5") (AMA-GXF)
• KVH Tracphone 252, Tracnet, Fleet 33, FB150, FB250 (13" - 19") (AMA-14)
• KVH M2/M3 (AMA-16)
• KVH M5, G4, FB250, Trac 50 (18") (AMA-18)
• KVH M7, M7SK, G6, F55, FB500, V7, HD7 (24") (AMA-24)
• KVH M9, F77, FB500, V7 (32") (AMA-32)
• Oyster 50MGS, 75MGS, 77MGS, TRX-7MGS (AMA-24)
• Raymarine 33STV (13") (AMA-GXF)
• Raymarine 37STV (AMA-16)
• Raymarine 45STV (18") (AMA-18)
• Raymarine 60STV (24") (AMA-24)
• Sea King 9815RJ, 1500HD, 1200KU (AMA-16)
• Sea King 9818RJ, 1800HD (20") (AMA-18)
• Sea Tel Coastal 14 (AMA-16)
• Sea Tel (Cobham) C18 (24"), C24, USAT24 (27-29") (AMA-18)
• Sea Tel (Cobham) DTV04 (32") (AMA-32)
• Thrane & Thrane Sailor FB500, Fleet 55+ (24") (AMA-GXF)
• Thrane & Thrane FB150, FB250, Fleet 33, Fleet 33+ (10" - 14") (AMA-14)
• VDO Ocean Line 132 (13") (AMA-GXF)

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