Gold-Plated Brass N Connectors

N Type Connector - Gold-Plated Brass

Better Conductivity • Less Signal Loss

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N-type connectors are high performance RF coaxial connectors most often used where RF performance is of paramount importance.

Shakespeare's high performance N-type connectors are gold-plated brass to better withstand the elements, and to minimize traditional connector-borne signal loss. Since the majority of the signal travels on the surface of the connector, with gold's very high conductivity, these connectors ensure the best possible connectivity.

N-type plugs are sized for use with a particular coax cable format. Due to their common use in applications where high perfomance is important, N-type connectors are usually sized for larger diameter coax cables, which typically exhibit lower signal loss.

The connector has a threaded coupling interface to ensure that it mates correctly to provide the optimum performance. N-type connectors are available in 50 ohm and 75 ohm versions. Mechanical differences between the two do not allow the two types to mate.

N-type connectors are able to withstand relatively high power compared to BNC or TNC connectors. Standard versions are specified for operation up to 11 GHz, But precision versions are available for operation to 18 GHz. The N-type coaxial connector is used for many radio frequency applications including broadcast and communications equipment where its power handling capability enables it to be used for medium power transmitters, however it is also used for many receivers and general RF applications.

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