QC-4 QuickConnect VHF Antenna - 4 ft
QC-4 QuickConnect VHF Antenna - 4 ft

QC-4 QuickConnect VHF Antenna - 4 ft

Built-In Coax Connector • Antenna Removes & Re-Connects Without Having to Disconnect Any Wires

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This is a really cool innovation in antenna installation. The QuickConnect Antenna System allows you to remove your VHF antenna for boat storage or security without having to disconnect any wires!
Unlike other antennas, the QuickConnect System is designed with the cable attached to the antenna mount instead of the antenna. With coax connectors built right into the antenna base and mount, you simply screw the antenna onto the mount to make the connection. No wires to cut, solder, or thread.

Based on the popularity of the quick connecting feature on Shakespeare's top-of-the-line Phase III® antennas, this easy and convenient screw-on/screw-off feature is now available for the rest of us in the QuickConnect series of entry-level VHF antennas.

QuickConnect antennas are ideal for boats in rack storage, or covered moorage with low roofs. They make using a boat cover or shrink-wrapping for winter storage or trailer transport hassle-free. If you leave your boat and want to protect your investment in your antennas, with QuickConnect, you can simply remove the antennas and stow them below deck.

NOTE —QuickConnect antennas and mounts are sold separately. Be sure to purchase one of each for a complete installation.
All QuickConnect antennas and bases are cross-compatible. See Accessory Products, below.

• Simply unscrew the antenna to disconnect; simply screw on to re-install
• Integral gold-plated, corrosion resistant coax connectors for a low loss/noise-free connection
• Mounts have an attached dust and water protection cap to protect the connector when the antenna is removed
• Same mounting hole pattern as standard antenna mounts - so upgrading is easy
• 2-year warranty

Note: When selecting a QuickConnect antenna, you must pair it with a QuickConnect mount The QC antenna will only work with a QC mount.

Heavy on the technical side...

The 3 ft and 4 ft models of the QC antennas have a 3 dB gain, giving them a more dispersed beam, suitable for boats that roll or heel significantly - such as sailboats.
The 8 ft model has a 6 dB gain and a narrower, more focused beam - providing increased range and performance. This taller antenna is better suited for more stable vessels, assuring that the narrower horizontal beam remains in view of the target, instead of above or below it.

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