Sika® Primer-209 D

Primer 209 D - for Plastic Windows

Adhesion Primer for Organic (Plastic) Windows • Fast Drying • Black
By: Sika

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Sika® Primers contain chemicals which improve the surface adhesion and long-term bonding of other Sika products - typically polyurethane adhesive/sealants.
Despite their seemingly high initial cost, use of these primers can save money in the long run by extending the life of an adhesive bond by many years.

Sika Primer-209 D is a black, low viscosity primer specifically formulated for installing plastic windows prior to the application of Sikaflex® plastic direct-glazing adhesive 295UV.

For larger plastic window applications - over 2 ft in any dimension - where expansion and contraction become an issue, use the more flexible 209 D primer.
Otherwise, the more versatile Sika Primer 206 G+P can be used as an acceptable alternate to 209 D.
NOTE: With either primer, you will need to pre-treat with Sika Aktivator first.

• Use on paints - acrylics, alkyds, powder coatings, varnishes (test first)
• For bonding and sealing around the edges of polycarbonate and acrylic windows. Avoid featheredging the 295UV sealant over the top surface of the window, as the resulting thin edge will fail over time
• Not effective as a UV block; so use plastic windows UV rated for bonding or protect the bond line with a high quality exterior vinyl tape
• Color is black
• Sika Primer-209 D has replaced Sika Primer-209 N and the original 209 as of 2008

Refer to Sika's Primer and Pre-Treatment Charts for detailed substrate-specific information at: http://usa.sika.com/en/solutions_products/download/doc_download/download_industry/primercharts.html
Especially, read over the explanatory notes on the last page of the chart. such as polycarbonates (Lexan®), acrylics (Plexiglass®),

Heavy on the technical side...
Sika Aktivators and Primers cure via exposure to moisture in the air (humidity).
Once opened, the cap should be replaced after each use. Do not leave the can open unless you are actually using it.
With frequent use i.e. opening and closing several times, Sika recommends disposing of the product one month after opening. With infrequent use, Sika recommends disposing of the product 2 months after opening.

Sika has published a number of excellent technical "how to" documents for common marine applications using their Aktivators, Primers, and Adhesive/Sealants.
Topics covered include bedding and sealing hardware, rub rails, plastic windows, mineral glass windows, wood, UV exposure issues, etc.

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