Sika® Primer 210

Primer 210 - Clear Metal Primer

Typically Recommended for Use Metals When a Clear Primer is Desired
By: Sika

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Sika® Primers contain chemicals which improve the surface adhesion and long-term bonding of other Sika products - typically polyurethane adhesive/sealants.
Despite their seemingly high initial cost, use of these primers can save money in the long run by extending the life of an adhesive bond by many years.

Sika Primer 210 is a light amber, solvent based, adhesion primer for maximum long term adhesion of polyurethane adhesive/sealants to metals.

NOTE: You must first pre-treat the bonding surfaces with Sika Aktivator 205 or Aktivator 100, prior to using Primer 210. See Primer Chart for details.

• Primer 210 is similar to Sika's other general purpose primer 206G+P but is clear, not black — this is often the reason people choose 210 over 206 G+P in installations where the bond line will be visible. Generally, however, the Primer 206 G+P will provide somewhat better adhesion, and is the more popular of the two
• Primer 210 has a 30 minute dry time, instead of 10 minutes like Primer 206 G+P

Refer to Sika's Primer and Pre-Treatment Charts for detailed substrate-specific information at: http://usa.sika.com/en/solutions_products/download/doc_download/download_industry/primercharts.html
Following the recommendations in the more stringent Column 2 will yield the most predictable results.
Especially, read over the explanatory notes on the last page of the chart.

Heavy on the technical side...
Sika Aktivators and Primers are moisture reactive systems.
In order to maintain product quality, it is important to reseal the container immediately after use.
With frequent use i.e. opening and closing several times, Sika recommends disposing of the product one month after opening. With infrequent use, Sika recommends disposing of the product 2 months after opening.

Sika has published a number of excellent technical "how to" documents for common marine applications using their Aktivators, Primers, and Adhesive/Sealants.
Topics covered include bedding and sealing hardware, rub rails, plastic windows, mineral glass windows, wood, UV exposure issues, etc.

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