Solbian ALLinONE Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

Solbian ALLinONE Semi-Flexible Solar Panels

23W, 47W & 72W Models | Connects Directly to Battery

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As solar technology advances, Solbian is staying on the cutting edge with a constantly developing product line of semi-flexible solar panels featuring high-output and lightweight solar solutions.
Solbian semi-flexible solar panels replace heavy, hard glass solar panels that can be cumbersome, hard to install, and even sometimes unsafe in marine applications. Solbian panels are semi-flexible and may be mounted on curved surfaces, weighing in at just a fraction of traditional glass panels.
Their technology makes them particularly applicable for canvas bimini & dodger installations on boats and yachts and their construction is resistant to the harshness of the marine environment.

The "ALLinONE" series has an MPPT charge controller built into the panel in a sleek, low profile, waterproof box. The panels are still only 0.6" thick! These are available in 23W, 47W, and 72W sizes.
These panels are prefect for keeping even a good sized battery bank topped off when you are at the mooring. The 23W panel is also now available with a wood backing so it can be used in a variety of locations on the boat.

The SP series, top of the Solbianflex range, manufactured with selected SunPower monocrystalline silicon cells,reaching a record 23% conversion of sunlight into electricity,in a new ALLinONE version:solar panel + charge controller.

All the electronics you need are already packed into the rugged waterproof metal box – a sophisticated MPPT controller capable of boosting the voltage for a perfect fit to your battery.

SunPower cells represent the most advanced available technology on the market, and make the Solbian SP series the highest efficiency flexible panels.

• Lightest weight and thinnest panels
• Highest output per square foot
• Versatile installation options
• Optimal for canvas bimini/ dodger installations on boats and yachts
• 5 Year warranty on output
• Huge variety of sizes and shapes with custom options available
• Use only the highest grade SunPower cells for every SP panel
• The 23W panel comes with a wood backing
• These panels are not designed to be walked on
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Excellent product support, January 09, 2019
I purchased two 47L All-In-One panels and installed them in a 12v system with two six-volt golf-cart batteries in series. After sixty days of service, one of the panels' charge controllers failed. I communicated direct with Solbian via email, receiving a prompt response from a support engineer. I had included a detailed description of the symptoms and photos in my email; the support engineer confirmed my suspicions that the on-board controller had failed. He arranged for a new replacement panel to be sent to me from Italy. As a retired system integrator with 30 years' experience, I am able to say that Solbian did everything they could to stand behind their product and they did it in a timely fashion--not every manufacturer does. I am very pleased with the product and the support.
By Charlie Brown from Long Beach
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