Soltron® Enzyme Fuel Additive⁄Stabilizer

Soltron Enzyme Fuel Additive/Stabilizer

Anti-Algae Treatment & Emulsifier for Gasoline & Diesel Fuels
By: Soltron

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Soltron is an enzyme-based agent that improves the combustion and storage qualities of gasoline and diesel fuels. Soltron contains no chemicals that are corrosive or dangerous to your engine or other mechanical components.

Stored fuel can oxidize in the tank forming sediments. Soltron's enzymes act as to decompose these sediments, as well as algae, so they no longer adhere to fuel lines or tanks. Sludge and microbial growth are dispersed slowly into the fuel and are either combusted or filtered out.
This product gets rave reviews everywhere it is used or tested. It is a unique enzyme product and it simply works.

• Stabilizes fuel by limiting fuel degradation
• Eliminates harmful contaminants by enzymatically dissolving them - no harmful toxins or biocides
• Works fast: idling and acceleration performance can improve in as little as 30 minutes
• Decreases water, mold, and bacteria in your fuel for less rust, fewer deposits and less clogging of lines and filters
• Measureably reduces exhaust emissions including unburned fuel, CO, and nitrogen and sulfur oxides
• In many cases, Soltron can revitalize old fuel and reclaim water-fouled fuel
• Compatible with all petroleum-based fuels: diesel, gasoline, even home heating oil
• Compatible with E-10 (10% ethanol), but has not been tested, and is not recommended for E-85

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