Carbon Pad Eyes

Carbon Pad Eye - 6 mm (4730 lb SWL)

High Strength, Low Weight Carbon Pad Eyes

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These high strength pad eyes utilize lightweight carbon fiber technology, instead of stainless steel, for their deck and backing plates.
The result is significantly reduced weight and increased resistance to shock loading, while maintaining high strength.

With their U-bolt design, the load is transmitted directly to the deck structure, and not to the weld on the deck plate, as in a traditional pad eye.

• Excellent strength to weight ratio
• Very high-strength, martensitic 17.4 PH stainless steel
• Low profile on deck
• Backing plate and fasteners provided
• Increased through-laminate bearing surfaces to minimise tearing
• Weight reduced by 20% (PD 12C) to 33% (PD 6/8/10C) compared to comparable all stainless pad eyes
• No dissimilar material issues
• Compact foot print and the ability to "nest" together
• For angles greater than 45° from vertical, reduce SWL to 60%
• 6 and 8 mm sizes include cut-to-length deck spacer tubes for extra support
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