Deckvest™ Automatic Inflatable PFD with Harness

33 gm Re-Arm Kit for Inflatable PFDs with UML MK5i Inflators

For Deckvest 150N and 170N Pro-Sensor PFDs

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This is a 33 gm re-arm kit for use with the automatic, water-activated, UML MK5i inflator used in the Spinlock Deckvest 150 N (33.7 lb) and 170 N (38 lb) buoyancy UML Pro-Sensor inflator.
This sensor is water activated. It is not the Hammar hydrostatic model which is activated by water pressure at a certain depth.
• Uses a 33 gm CO₂ cylinder suitable for 150 N (33.7 lb) and 170 N (38 lb) buoyancy Deckvest 5D and Deckvest Lite Lifejackets with UML Pro-Sensor inflators. Do NOT use this re-arm kit for the USCG Deckvest Lite, which uses the DW-RAR/33G Halkey Roberts inflator

• This re-arming kit is also suitable for other manufacturer's lifejackets which use the UML inflator system

Heavy on the technical side...
CO₂ lifejacket inflation systems are incredibly reliable but depend on the use of steel cylinders. Damp, salty, humid marine environments can quickly corrode CO₂ cylinders, causing them to rust if they are not cared for. Even a small build up of rust and corrosive electrolytic salts can quickly get to the point where the integrity of the cylinder is compromised.

To overcome this well known risk, Spinlock has developed a unique corrosion resistant coating (CRC™) that prolongs the life of their cylinders. The revolutionary coating has proved itself in salt environment testing compared to typical uncoated steel cylinders commonly used in inflatable lifejackets.

All cylinders supplied in Spinlock Deckvest 5D Pro Sensor lifejackets and UML re-arming kits are coated with CRC corrosion resistant coating.
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