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Tasman Salt Knife - Plain Blade

3" Non-Rusting H-1 Alloy Blade • Ideal for Saltwater Use • Hollow Grind Blade

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A member of Spyderco's super corrosion resistant "Salt" family, the Tasman Salt folding knife features a Hawkbill blade. This distinctive curved cutting tool has a claw-like tip that originated in the commercial fishing industry. Cutting in the marine environment involves cutting line, webbing, netting, and rope, and it's done quickly and often at arm's length by pulling downward or toward you. The Tasman's Hawkbill blade's arcing tip holds what you're cutting against the sharpened edge keeping it from slipping off the tip.

The Tasman Salt's blade is made with state of the art H-1 steel - a precipitation-hardened steel with added nitrogen for markedly increased corrosion resistance. The H-1 alloy blade does something no other blade steel can, it remains 100% rust free and actually holds a sharp cutting edge.

• Blade Shape — Hawksbill Blade, a sharply curved blade sharpened on the concave side. Designed for cutting with a pulling stroke

• Blade Grind — full hollow grind blade shape with bevels that extend from the center of the blade down to the cutting edge. This grind maintains full blade thickness through a larger portion of the blade for increased strength. The bevels, however, are ground with a concave radius to create a finer edge profile which is very sharp (straight razors for shaving have this hollow grind), but at the cost of slightly less edge durability compared to flat sabre ground edges

• Blade Edge — the Tasman Salt is offered in two versions:
A SpyderEdge edge grind, which is Spyderco’s two-step serration pattern of alternating large serrations and double small serrations - easily seen in the photo. Serrated blades hold their sharpness incredibly well because the actual cutting edge is hidden inside each mini-arch, protected by the pointy outer edge of the blade. The pattern increases the cutting edge’s surface area by up to 24%, and is especially useful on materials that are tough to cut with a plain edge - like ropes
The Tasman Salt is also available with a traditional Plain, or Smooth, edge which cuts cleanly and sharpens quickly and easily.

• Large trademark Spyderco Round Hole allows easy opening of the knife using the thumb of just one hand. In turn, the enlarged Round Hole creates a hump in the top of the blade for your thumb to rest against while cutting.

• Handle — the Tasman Salt has a high strength, lightweight, fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) polymer handle with Spyderco's tough and grippy "Volcano" waffle-textured pattern for enhanced grip. It comes in black or high visibility yellow.

• A huge advantage — all of Spyderco's "Salt" knives can be put away wet without rusting!
• One of the highest quality blade steels available, the H-1 alloy in this blade holds an exceptional edge, and is 100% rust-proof
• All internal metal components are specially treated to prevent corrosion and pitting
• Rockwell hardness of 57-58rc makes for superior edge durability, so it lasts a long time between sharpenings
• Reversible (for left or right hand use), non-rusting titanium, tip-up pocket clip secures the knife inside your back pocket; this knife carries best in a blade tip-up configuration for easiest access when needed
• Back Lock style positive locking mechanism employs a rocker arm to engage a notch in the tang of the blade to lock it open; depress the recessed rear end of the rocker in the spine of the knife to unlock the blade; mechanism is recessed to prevent accidental unlocking
• Lanyard hole for retention cord when used around water, where once dropped, a knife is often irretrievable or lost
• Closed length is 4"

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