12-in-1 Spillbuster Spout

Pour Spout Fits on 1 Quart Containers, 1 Gallon Containers and Most Other Plastic Bottles

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World's best no spill, on/off pouring spout.
Yellow base reverses to accommodate 4 different thread sizes.
The handy on/off valve also allows for variable flow rates.
Removable, sealable cover cap allows for low or high flow rates, and has a tip that fits 3/8" and 1/2" flexible tubing for directing fluids into difficult to reach locations.
Can be cut to make a total of 3 different lengths for specific purposes.
Easy mixing of 2-cycle engine oil

Fits 1 Pint bottles, 1 Quart bottles, 1 Gallon bottles, 5 Gallon bottles, and most other plastic bottles (except fuel containers).

Use for motor oil, transmission fluid, wiper fluid, antifreeze, marine oils, home & garden, etc.

This is a really unique product. It has a hundred uses and fits just about any bottle neck finish. It can even be used as the tip of a homemade funnel by cutting of the bottom of an attached quart or gallon jug.

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