Star*Tron Fuel Tank Cleaner
Star*Tron Fuel Tank Cleaner

Star Tron Fuel Tank Cleaner

1 Ounce Treats 4 Gallons of Gas or Diesel

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This enzyme package disperses harmful microbial growth, cleans the fuel delivery system and combustion chambers, stabilizes fuel chemistry and reduces engine emissions. Replaces expensive fuel polishing and tank cleaning.

• Exceptional in cleaning sludge and algae from gasoline and diesel tanks
• Slows the recurrence of new algae that can contaminate fuel
• Enzyme will clean tanks better than any tank cleaning service

Use 1 fl oz of this product for every 4 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel.
Allow to sit in tank to sit a minimum of 24 hours to let the enzymes work.

Note: Keep spare fuel filers on hand. Tank cleaner will disperse hardened deposits and can load (clog) filters. After two treatments, fuel tank should be cleaned of all deposits and fuel filters will no longer load up. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a multifunctional fuel additive that cures and prevents ethanol fuel problems. It allows all engines, from the smallest 2-stroke outboard to the largest megayacht turbo diesel, start more easily and run more smoothly. Star Tron is the # 1 marine fuel treatment in the US because it allows hydrocarbon fuels to burn more completely for maximum performance, reduces harmful emissions, prevents carbon deposits and helps improve cruising range and fuel economy. It helps prevent phase separation by dispersing water throughout the fuel as submicron-sized droplets that are safely eliminated while the engine operates. Regular use will keep fuel injectors and carburetors clean. A year-round treatment, Star Tron also stabilizes fuel, making it ideal for use in winterized boats and can rejuvenate old, substandard fuel.

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