Marinedeck 2000 Exterior®
Marinedeck 2000 Exterior®

Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks

Individual Planks w/ Filled Plank Joints

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Cork is a durable, comfortable, non-skid decking material with the added benefit of having superior insulating properties. It is easy to install and clean, and requires minimal maintenance.

Marinedeck 2000 Exterior is produced from natural cork bound in a high-end synthetic binder for high density and superior durability. In over 25 years of development, it has proven to exceed expectations in resisting exposure to natural elements and most chemicals.

The finished deck has some "give" to it and has proven to be both extremely tough and durable. Dents from sharp objects simply bounce back after a short period of time.

Installation is possible in any marine environment, on any flat surface, whether it is steel, aluminum, wood or glass/carbon fiber materials. This material has been successfully used for the decking of cruise ships and European ferries.

• Has the look of traditional teak decking
• Available in individual planks pre-routered for a 1/8" caulking groove, or ready-to-install sheets with 1/8" black plank detailing
• Excellent non-skid properties
• Strong and flexible, dents bounce back after a short time
• Reduces vibrations and sound and heat transfer
• Lightweight
• Saltwater resistant; UV resistant; pet nail resistant
• Not affected by temperatures from -40°F to +113°F
• Clean with fresh water and mild household detergent
• 5-year limited warranty
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194505STZ 032.1000.8 032.1000.8Loading...Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks, 1-1/2"W x 75"L x 3/8"HLoading...
194506STZ 032.1000.9 032.1000.9Loading...Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks, 2"W x 75"L x 3/8"HLoading...
199087STZ 032.1001.0 032.1001.0Loading...Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks, 3"W x 75"L x 3/8"HLoading...
194508STZ 032.1001.1 032.1001.1Loading...Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks, 5"W x 75"L x 3/8"HLoading...
194509STZ 032.1001.2 032.1001.2Loading...Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks, 16"W x 75"L x 3/8"HLoading...
199085STZ 032.1001.3 032.1001.3Loading...Marinedeck 2000 Exterior Individual Planks, 3"W x 75"L x 3/4"HLoading...
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