U-1000 Primer

U-1000 Primer, White Polyurethane Primer Quart

Marine and Transportation Urethane Finish Primer • Two Component Primer - Use with U1000C Catalyst

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U-1000 Primer, a pure white, relatively quick drying polyurethane, is mixed with U-1000 Catalyst in a 2:1 ratio and may be applied immediately, as no induction time is needed.

U-1000 is the standard finish surfacer for gel-coat, fiberglass, existing paint finishes, plastics, and composites. It is also for use over high build epoxy primers, having excellent adhesive and sanding characteristics. U-1000 is also used as an intermediate/finish primer on aircraft.
U-1000 is one of the faster curing finish primers in the industry.

While U-1000 is the standard, all-purpose primer with the best combination of desireable characteristics, in areas with heightened pollution regulations, it may be non-compliant. Use the Low VOC 94U-1000 in these situations. See Related Products, below.

• Color - white
• Reaction/Induction time - None
• Pot life @ 70°F - 8 hr
• Brushing Thinner - U2965 brush urethane reducer
• Spraying Thinner above 70°F - U1014 spray urethane reducer
• Spraying Thinner 50 - 70 °F - U1385 spray urethane reducer
• Reduction ratio - 0 - 40%
• Wet Film Thickness - 2 - 7 mils
• Dry Film Thickness - 1 - 3 mils
• Practical Coverage - 200 - 300 ft²/gal
• U-1000 may be brushed with a good quality natural bristle brush
• U-1000 may be rolled with solvent resistant foam roller sleeves on larger surfaces - but the roller will begin to deteriorate after 15 to 30 minutes, so purchase enough of them for your job - tip with a brush; severalb coats are advised
• If sprayed, U-1000 is best applied with siphon, pressure feed, or HVLP equipment, the latter greatly reducing overspray and waste. Two passes are recommended, allowing tack free time between coats. Thin approximately 20 percent for fine-sanded surfaces, and 10% for deeper profiles
• Recommended equipment cleaner - C8761

Note — ALL Sterling paint products and components are sold separately.
This is a two-part product - be sure to purchase both components; see Related Products, below.

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