mrp10 of Switlik MRP-10 Marine Rescue Platform
mrp10 of Switlik MRP-10 Marine Rescue Platform
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MRP-10 Marine Rescue Platform

10 Person Capacity | Quickly Deployed | Easy to Board
By: Switlik

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Quick Flotation for everyone onboard
The Switlik MRP-10 Inflatable Marine Rescue Platform is an ideal product for getting multiple people to safety in a marine emergency. The quickly deployed and easy to board MRP-10 aids in getting large groups of distressed victims safely out of the water or down off a boat as quickly as possible.

Compact design
The MRP-10 comes with a soft valise case and boasts a small and lightweight packed size with a total weight of just 38 lb. (A hard case is not available for the MRP-10.)
Its compact size makes the MRP-10 the best option for even the smallest vessel wanting to carry a rescue platform. The packed rescue platform is easy to maneuver and deploy by anyone on board in the event of an emergency.

Simplified Search and Rescue
The MRP-10 is a breakthrough for professional Search and Rescue teams. With 1300 lb of buoyancy, it is an ideal choice to help save large groups of people quickly.
All Title 14 CFR Part 139 certified airports wanting to comply with the equipment requirement in the FAA 150/5210-13C water rescue circular can now do so with the Switlik MRP-10.

Dual chamber, 100% reversible
The MRP-10 is 100% reversible, allowing large groups to easily board the platform no matter which way it inflates. This is very advantageous when you're trying to quickly climb aboard the raft.

Seating for 10 with easy entry
The Air Charge inflated platform provides over 1300 pounds of buoyancy with its 2-section, 12 inch diameter tube and heat sealed floor providing flotation for 10 people.
Multiple boarding straps surround the MRP-10. Along with its relatively low profile and sturdy buoyancy tube, it is easy for any size person to get up and out of the water.

• USCG Approved
• Included Equipment: Waterproof flashlight, Manual inflation pump, (2) Repair clamps
• Fabric Valise
• Dual Chamber Reversible Configuration
• Heat Sealed Urethane Coated Nylon Buoyancy Chambers
• Water Activated Exterior Locator Lights (2 ea.)
• Sea Anchor (automatically deployed)
• Painter/Static Line (length, 25 ft.)
• Heaving Ring and Line
• Manual Topping Off Valve
• Pressure Relief Valve
• Raft Use Instructions
• Lifelines (inner)
• Lifelines (outer)
• Floating Knife
• Utility Bag
• Whistle

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