General Purpose Epoxy

General Purpose Epoxy

Wide Range of Working Temperatures

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A 100% solids, medium modulus epoxy system, that works well in 90% of all epoxy applications. It is great for wood construction and repair, gel coat blister repair, and general fiberglass work.
Use at a simple 2:1 ratio with any of three hardeners - allowing excellent pot life and cure-time control. Can be used at temperatures as low as 35°F with no limitations on humidity.

When selecting a hardener, consider the minimum temperature expected during application and the required pot life. If required, a mixture of 2 hardeners will provide extra fine tuning for cure times. The medium-low viscosity of System Three General Purpose Epoxy allows for use "as is" for coating and fiberglass work.
Combine with different fillers to make excellent adhesive, filleting and fairing compounds.

• A selection of hardeners provides complete control of pot life and cure times
• At 77° a 100 gm mixture using #1 Hardener gels in 15 min. and be tack-free in 2 hours
• At 77° a 100 gm mixture using #2 Hardener gels in 30 min. and be tack-free in 4-6 hours
• At 77° a 100 gm mixture using #3 Hardener gels in 60 min. and be tack-free in 9 hours
• Color: amber

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