Boeshield T-9  -  Corrosion Shield Lubricant

Boeshield T-9 - Corrosion Shield & Lubricant


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T-9 was developed by The Boeing Company for use in airplane construction - with its critical requirements for reliable function, corrosion resistance and longevity.
A revolutionary product when it first came to the marketplace, T-9 quickly became known as "Boeshield".
What sets Boeshield apart from other similar products is that it not only lubricates and penetrates frozen fasteners, it also leaves a tough, long-lasting film which continues to protect and resists washing off.

• Penetrates deeply into fasteners and fixtures
• Displaces moisture and attacks existing corrosion
• Dries to a clean waxy film - dry to the touch
• Lubricates and protects all metals for months - works great on turnbuckles and winch parts
• Loosens rusted parts without harming paints, plastics and vinyls
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Best Rust Preventative Ever!, January 10, 2013
I live on a tiny island in the Pacific where even the plastic tries to rust. This stuff is the only thing I've found that prevents rust and even stops existing rust from spreading. The spray top has a tendency to leak a little, especially if you're using the straw, but not a big deal.
By The Beeg from Kwajalein, RMI
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