The Tank Tender
The Tank Tender

The Tank Tender - Models for Up to 4 Tanks

Tank Levels w/o Electricity | Measures Up to 4 Tanks | Uses Pneumatic Measurements

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Tank Tender is an extremely accurate gauge system that uses air pressure to measure the liquid level in a tank — without using electricity! As such, it is an highly reliable system that will continue to function even if your electrical system is down.

The Tank Tender system is very simple. Just select a tank, then pump in a small amount of air to obtain the tank level in inches. A calibration card allows you to convert from inches to gallons, if desired.
Only precision valves, pumps, and easy-to-install push-in connections are used. The "sensor" is just a thin plastic tube, with no electronics or moving parts - the ultimate in simplicity and reliability. Connection from the tank to the panel is via thin 1/8" OD flexible nylon tubing.

• Use for water, diesel or holding tanks (not for use with gasoline)
• Monitor the levels in all your tanks with just one unit
• Individual sensors and valves eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination among tanks. Fluid is never removed from any tank; only a few bubles of air are pumped in
• Panels are available in 4-, 5- and 10-tank models, with scales for deep or shallow tanks (up to 30" water/35" diesel, or 60" water/70" diesel). The models for a maximum of 4-tanks are shown here
• Panel dimensions: 4"W x 6"H x 2-7/8"D
• Panel cut-out dimensions: 3-1/16"W x 5"H
• Although capable of measuring several tanks, the most basic panel comes with just a single selector valve on the back for measuring a single tank; with the option to add additional tanks at a later time. See below

For measuring Holding Tank levels, panels with an optional Purge Valve are available. The Purge Valve allows temporarily bypassing the panel gauge to exert maximum air flow through the tank sensing tube, clearing any material that may have lodged in the tip of the tube and ensuring an accurate reading. If you know you are going to include a holding tank in your system, we strongly recommend purchasing a panel with a Purge Valve.

PLEASE NOTE — To serve the greatest variety of installations, Fisheries sells Tank Tender products "a la carte". This means that you only buy the components you need, and don't pay for extra components you don't need were you to purchase a pre-packaged "system".
Below, we offer panels with either one or four tank selector valves pre-installed.
To monitor 1 to 3 tanks, you would buy a panel with one Selector Valve installed and then purchase one or two additional Selctor Valves, as necessary.
To monitor 4 tanks, you would purchase a panel with four Selector Valves pre-installed.

To make a complete, functional system, you will need to purchase these components:
1) Panel - select one appropriate for the number and depth of tanks in your system
2) Tubing - enough to connect the panel to each tank
3) Tank Penetration Fitting(s) (and an Extender Tube, if your tank is over 30" deep) - for each tank.
4) Selector Valve Kit(s) - If you purchase a panel with only one selector valve installed, to measure more than one tank you will also need to purchase an additional Selector Valve Kit for each additional tank.

See Accessory Products, below, to link to these additional components.

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