ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid
ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid

ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid - 1 Qt

ECO-300 Liquid

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ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid has been formulated to be 100% environmentally-friendly and represents the most advanced teak cleaning liquid in the marine industry today.
It contains no acid, caustic sodas or phosphates and is non-toxic to the user.

ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid is a ready-to-use cleaner that cleans and brightens teak better than harsh chemical cleaners — restoring its original golden color. Unlike some others, it will clean and brighten without containing chemicals that destroy the soft fibers in the teak grain.

ECO-300 Liquid is a stronger cleaner than the Teakdecking ECO-100 Teak Cleaner Powder (see Related Products, below), and can be used to clean the harshest dirt, grime and heavy stains from your teak decks.
In the harsh sunlight and humidity of tropic environments, ECO-300 Teak Cleaner Liquid should be applied every 3 months or so to to a wet deck keep your teak decks looking like new.
It can also be applied directly to stubborn stains such as suntan lotion, diesel fuel or fish blood.
When scrubbing, be sure to use a soft bristle brush, as stiff bristles can damage the wood. Scrub across the grain.

All ingredients are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and meet requirements for a truly "green" teak cleaner liquid for the marine industry.

• Gentle on teak, caulking, hardware and paint
• Does not contain acids, caustic sodas, or phosphates
• Cleans teak, wood, fiberglass, and more
• Helps prevent the fututre growth of mold and mildew
• Can be mixed in various concentrations for light and heavy cleaning
• Water-based - quickly and easily mixes with water
• Will not harm the environment

Watch an informative short video demonstrating the benefits and use of Teakdecking ECO Cleaners.

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