Power Steering Cylinder Kit
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Power Steering Cylinder Kit

Single Cylinder - 26" Displacement - 11" Stroke

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Suitable for use on vessels up to 30 metres, the SeaStar hydraulic power steering systems use the vessels engine to provide the power for the steering system via a motor driven hydraulic pump. Manual hydraulic steering is also incorporated into the system to provide steering when engines are not running. SeaStar power steering is not supplied in kit form as most vessels have different requirements.

SeaStar’s superior design and selection of materials, precision manufacturing and rigid quality control all add up to an outstanding robust and versatile system for all large boat applications.

Easy to Spec and Install Covers most power steering requirements. No need to determine required flow rate, engine pump spec, engine connectivity. The system is economically powered from the boats 24V supply.

Semi-Auto Purge - During service and/or installation a semi-auto purge feature is engaged dramatically reducing installation time and air in the system
Few Components - Totally self-contained, there is no longer any need to install separate filters, coolers, engine pumps, flow control valves. The DC power unit covers all requirements within one easy to install module.
100% Performance - 100% of the time. Provides the maximum required hydraulic oil flow, at all engine speeds.
On Demand Power - The DC Power Unit only draws power when a turn is initiated (typical duty time 5-10%). This ensures minimal power consumption, no wasted energy and longer filter and motor life.
Integrated Autopilot Pump - The system includes a secondary pump with adjustable flow that can be controlled by most autopilot controllers.

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