Rack Steering Cables - SSC154xx Series Xtreme Premium Replacement Cables


Single/Dual Station Steering Premium Replacement Cables

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These premium SSC154xx series cables with Xtreme technology offer lower backlash and are more efficient (turn more of your steering effort into actual boat turning) than standard steering cables like the SSC134xx series.
They do this by having an exceptionally close "fit" of the core to the liner, while still allowing spaces for lubrication. The result is the lowest "lost motion" of any cable available.

These cables can be used with:
SH5210P HPS and Standard Back-Mount Rack Helm units
SH5230P NFB Rack Helm units
SH91610P Back-Mount Rack Tilt Helm units
SH91630P NFB Rack Tilt Helm units

Note — When measuring to replace existing Rack Steering Cable - if possible, locate the part number stamped on the plastic jacket of the original cable and order the same length (the last two digits of the part number).
If the part number can't be located, measure the plastic cable cover end to end, add 30 inches, then round up to nearest whole foot. Order that length of cable.

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