CH5600 Series Single Function Engine Control - Twin Lever

CH5600 SLT Twin Single Function Levers Engine Control

Top Mount • SLT (Self Locking Throttle) • Ideal for Dual Stations

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The CH5600P mechanical single-action lever control is typically used for inboard applications, with either a single or twin engines.
While this state-of-the-art control works well in single station boats, it is specifically designed to work smoothly in twin station applications.
In fact, the single-action lever CH5600P is the control of choice for dual station installation, over dual function/dual-action lever controls (where a single lever controls both throttle and shift), which are not recommended. (Dual function levers in dual station applications require complex cable routing,which can result in potentailly dangerous binding issues.)

Since these are single function levers (one lever for throttle and one for transmission), one control per engine, per station is required.

The CH5600P's patented SLT (Self Locking Throttle clutch) make it the only control that stops unwanted throttle "creep" without cable brakes or other makeshift friction devices that result in poor feel at the lever. The SLT mechanism holds the lever in place, not the cable - even in vibration-prone environments. This allows you to experience the full smooth action of modern high performance cables.

CH5600 Controls can be used for dual station installations that have short, simple cable routings.
To use the CH5600 Controls with dual stations with long, or difficult, cable runs, add a Teleflex Dual Station Transfer Unit (#061371) to shorten individual cable runs. You could also consider switching to electronic engine controls to eliminate long cable runs.

This twin lever, single-action control drops onto the older Morse SR Twin® cutout.

• Single function control - one lever controls either throttle or shift functions
• For use with single or dual stations, with single or twin engines
• Installation as a second station control will require purchase of the #CA96022P Second Station Hardware Kit
• Uses 3300/33C type control cables (not suitable for Mercury and OMC OEM type control cables)
• Optional neutral safety switch kit is highly recommended
• Selectable, positive shift detents
• Neutral engine warm-up feature is standard
• Can be user-configured as either push or pull to operate throttle or shift
• Adjustable travel stops
• Includes hardware to connect two 33C type cables
• Meets/exceeds all applicable industry standards

Compatible cables:
• Mercury OEM 3600 type cables - #s CCX630xx
• Universal 3300 standard cables - #s CC172xx and CC230xx
• Universal 3300 midrange cables - #s CC332xx
• Universal 3300 premium cables - #s CCX633xx

Heavy on the technical side...

Single function controls for twin stations are set up with the cables "in series". This means that each cable is run from one lever of an upper station control to the corresponding lever of the lower station control. Another cable is then run from the lower station control to the engine. When the cables are properly connected, moving the levers at one station will move the levers at the other station in addition to actuating throttle and shift.

Shift detents should be used in the lower station control(s) (closest to the engine) only. Do not install shift detents in the second station control.

When mechanical controls are used in two stations, we always recommend XTREME® 3300 cables, which are also specifically designed to work smoothly in twin station applications. When combined with CH5600 controls, these cables give you superior smoothness and response. Because of their unique construction, these cables have very little backlash, so a high-quality synchronization of the control head lever position and feel at each station (including shift detents) is possible.

If a mechanical control system cannot deliver acceptable feel or response, consider upgrading to an electronic control system.

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