TFXtreme Hi-Performance Universal Control Cables  -  3300CC Series

3300CC TFXtreme Hi-Performance Universal Control Cables

10-32 Threads • “CC” Clamp Fittings at Both Ends

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TFXtreme cables offer unprecedented smooth action with low effort, plus minimal "slop" - all in one cable!
TFXtreme's patented splined internal construction results in less contact surface and less friction between the sliding components than other cables. Furthermore, the internal tolerances around the cable can be tighter - resulting in less play inside the casing.
This means that when you move the lever, the controls respond instantly, without any play — even in the longest and most complex cable routings.

• This versatile 3300CC series of cables is applicable for virtually all throttle applications, and most transmission/shift applications
• The only Teleflex cable available in any length from 3 ft upward
• Replaces all 3300CC/33C-type universal cables - from any manufacturer
These "CC" cables have clamp-style hub fittings at both ends for securing the cable
• 4" minimum bend radius for tighter bends than a standard cable like the 3300 Series
• Nominal travel: 3"
• Universal 10-32 threaded connection on both ends

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