Thetford Tecma E-Breeze Toilet & Bidet
Dimensions of Thetford Thetford Tecma E-Breeze Toilet & Bidet

Thetford Tecma E-Breeze Toilet & Bidet

Premium macerating toilet | 24V DC | 110V Bidet

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Typically found on larger yachts, the E-Breeze toilet/bidet is designed to meet the requirements of international sanitary design and hygienic habitudes. It combines the proven reliability of Tecma marine toilet systems with the innovative technology of the electronic multifunction bidet.

Installation is easy and is ideal for interiors where there is no space for a separate bidet, or where weight saving is required.
A full set of certifications guarantees the quality of this product: CQC, CE, IC, IEC, IECEE.

The flush functions of the E-Breeze are controlled by a 24V, glass, backlit, 2-button (fill and empty), wall-mounted switch panel with a remotely mounted " black box" control box.
The 110 volt bidet, seat, and seat cover functions are operated using a wireless multifunction remote control. The wireless remote comes with a bracket for wall mounting. (Don't worry - the toilet can be used without the 110 volt features.)

The E-Breeze toilet is available with a choice of two flush-control panels — the Touch II and the Premium Touch. Both of these panels are "two-button" panels. The bowl remains empty when underway, and the panels have a "Before Use" fill button, and an "After Use" flush button.
Touch II Control Pad - High-tech glass with LED backlighting and proximity sensor - "dock" mode with automatic bowl refill after every flush, and "sailing" mode with separate fill and empty controls; holding tank level monitoring LED (user supplied tank sensor required); and water amount trim.
Premium Touch Control Pad - High-tech glass with LED backlighting and processor-controlled Smart Flush Technology - "dock" mode with automatic bowl refill after every flush, and "sailing" mode with separate fill and empty controls. Smart Flush Technology includes minimal water and power consumption, constant pump prime feature for extra quiet macerator operation, water overfill protection, holding tank monitoring (user supplied tank sensor required).

• Odor-free pressurized freshwater flushing
• Iintegral solenoid valve isolates toilet from the freshwater source
• White Italian ceramic bowl
• Silent flush
• Multifunction integrated bidet
• Low electrical consumption
• Low water consumption - 0.5 - 1.0 gal/flush (1.9-3.7 liter/flush)
• Soft closing seat cover
• High pressure spray flush with 100% bowl coverage
• Powerful integral, clog-free, turbine macerator pump with 1-1/2" outlet (36 ft max vertical, 295 ft max horizontal)

Electronic bidet and seat features:
• "Seat Occupied" sensor allows functions below...most are controlled using the battery-powered wireless remote control (see image)
• Dual wand bidet with posterior, feminine, and "kids" cleaning programs
• Heated seat with variable temperature setting
• Massage function (10 minutes for a quarter)
• Warm water with variable temperature setting
• Variable spray function with intensive impulse pulsation
• Seat includes splash guard
• 5-speed hot air parts dryer
• Fragance (cabin deodorizing) function with control knob on seat base
• Extra auxiliary operating controls in seat base
• System lock-out control in seat base in case of full holding tank
• Automatic cleansing of the bidet spray wands
• GFCI protected
• Six foot 110V power cord
• Includes optional wall mounting bracket for the wireless remote

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