Tecma Flexi Line Silence 2G Plus - Short
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Tecma Flexi Line Silence 2G Plus - Short

Low Profile Seat Height

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One of the strengths of the current Flexi Line is the flexibility to maintain the same design in every bathroom. With the new Flexi 2G Tecma moves a step ahead with a new design of both toilet and bidet. The Silence Plus 2G is the foundation for the Flexi Line. The same design is available in different sizes to match every bathroom. Big, small, short, cut or even combined. The 2nd generation Flexi Line toilets always fit and when space allows.
The Silence Plus 2G is the ‘big bowl’ model of the Flexi-Line, and forms the foundation for the Flexi Line. With the same features, the new design and the new 2nd Generation System Improvements, the Silence Plus 2G is supremely effective and comfortable. The length of 51 cm / 20.1 inches creates the at-home seating feeling.
The Silence Plus 2G Short is the short version of the Silence Plus 2G, the ‘big bowl’ model of the Flexi-Line. The short model is designed to be installed on a raising step, usually 10 cm/ 3,9 inches high. For this purpose the height of the ceramic shell is reduced to 36 cm/ 14,2 inches to compensate and match the standard seating height of 46 cm/ 18,1 inches.
Beautiful and clever
This best describes the installation of new Flexi Line toilets. Really fast and easy, Flexi marks a great step for ward in design, including:
• Hidden installation enhances elegant design
• Side-fixing fitting set allows installation in just a few steps
• Smooth surface makes cleaning easier
Safe air admittance valve integrated
Every single detail makes a difference. The integrated safe air admittance valve, for example, is small... but essential and valuable - and makes the difference for the new Flexi Line.
• New air inlet valve embedded in the internal hose system
• Prevents system installation constraints
• Optimizes venting on the discharge line
• Improves installation for a better black water system efficiency across various layouts
• Facilitates good hydraulics preventing syphoning and backflows
Smart short sanitation
To increase bathroom spacethe toilet is installed on a step. Shor t versions have an adjusted height for this mounting situation. The new design brings a new level of Shor t Toilets.
• With a new design geometry, Flexi Line shor t versions significantly simplify installation
• Thanks to the flush motor and hoses, no need to cut off the base step to accommodate protruding par ts
• Without compromises to performance and quality, all Tecma components are optimized to make the most of the available space
• Easy installation means production time and labor savings
• Prevents ser vice issues in the field
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