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Thetford Silence Toilet - Low Profile, Short

Fresh or raw water flush | Low seat height | 12 or 24V

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The Silence Series of toilets was designed for marine use, emphasizing quiet, reliable operation. The function cycle is completely automatic and minimizes wastewater by using a high-performance turbine discharge pump which also allows the effluent to be pumped long distances (up to a height of 36 feet and a distance of 295 feet) - providing great freedom in the mounting of pipes or hoses.
The high-speed turbine also provides complete fragmentation of organic material, thus avoiding any possibility of clogging.
Short models are designed to install on a raised base, usually to accommodate the curve of the hull.
The Silence series differs from the Silence Plus series in having a smaller, "marine" sized bowl.

• Models are available for pressurized fresh water flushing, or raw (outside) water flushing
• Reliable, functional, with virtually silent operation
• Low water consumption: 0.66 gallons per flush
• Simple, easy-to-use, 2-button (fill/flush) control panel
• Panel warning light is pre-wired for optional "Holding Tank Full" sensor
• Freshwater flush models include a solenoid valve for the water source - all other components are contained within the toilet (in short version, some hoses extend below the base)
• Raw water flush models include an intake pump for remote mounting - all other components are contained within the toilet (in short version, some hoses extend below the base)
• Dimensions: 15"W x 19.75"L (height varies with model 14" to 18")
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Good Head, January 31, 2019
The toilet works very well. I like the pressure flush. I used it for the 2018 season cruising the PNW. 1300 nm and 360 hours and no problems. My only issue with it is that it uses a lot of water. My other toilet let the user determine the amount of water to prime the bowl and flush by the amount of time that the button was pressed. This toilet you push the button then let go and it uses a predetermined amount of water to prime the bowl. Then you do it again for the flush. There is no control with the amount of water to prime the bowl or flush and it uses a lot. 0.66 gal may be fine for solids and tissue but way too much for just flushing pee. The only way to flush without adding water is to turn the water pump off at the breaker. Not well thought out in my opinion. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars for that oversight. Still 4 because it is a high quality toilet.
By dc from PNW
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