The TD2401 - Inflatable Throwable Cushion
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The TD2401 - Inflatable Throwable Cushion

USCG Type IV Throwable Device

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Throwraft's TD2401 is the world's first inflatable throwable device approved by the US Coast Guard as a Type IV Throwable Device.
Taking up much less space, the TD2401 can legally replace the square throw cushion or ring buoy required on virtually all registered recreational vessels in the United States.

Note — although this device is Coast Guard approved as a Type IV Throwable PFD, it is not intended to be worn, and will not substitute for the Wearable (Type I, II, III, or V) PFD required for each person on board recreational vessels over 16 feet in length.^

The TD2401 can be manually inflated by a pull of the toggle. Or, it will inflate automatically when thrown in the water.
It can be thrown underhand to a victim, either inflated or packed in its throw bag, up to 40 feet.

The TD2401 can be repacked and re-armed with a standard 24 gm CO₂ bayonet cylinder for re-use.
For Coast Guard carriage requirements, the device is self-inspected, just like an inflatable wearable PFD.

The TD2401 can be stored in a cockpit locker, but even better - mount it in its convenient rail or bulkhead Mounting Case where it is always available for immediate use in an emergency. See Accessory Products, below.

Watch these informative 1 minute videos demonstrating the features and deployment of the TD2401 here and here.

Features and benefits —
• Auto inflates in seconds when submerged underwater
• Thrown fully inflated or packed 40+ feet
• Easily re-packed and re-armed
• Re-use multiple times
• Webbing grab straps on the sides
• Integral attached storage pouch with throwing handle
• When packed takes up much less space than either a ring buoy or a throw cushion
• Compact - 4" x 11" when packed
• Easily fits in a backpack or ditch bag
• Inflated dimensions - 21" x 22"
• Back-up buoyancy for use with a life jacket
• Minimum buoyancy 20 lb (90N)
• Highly visible in a search and rescue situation
• Re-arm with a standard 24 gm CO₂ cylinder with a bayonet fitting (requires a new bobbin, also); see Replacement Products, below
• Made in the USA

This 4 minute video demonstrates how to re-pack and re-arm the TD2401.

^ .American Sailing Association and Personal Flotation Device Manufacturers Association.

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