Composite Propane Tank

Composite Propane Tank - Vertical - 11 lb

Easy-to-See Propane Level in Cylinder

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Built with safety in mind, this is the only cylinder to be engineered with an internal bladder encased in fiberglass, proving to be the safest cylinder on the market.
This transparent composite cylinder has some important advantages over traditional cylinders: the gas level is visible due to the see-through construction, and when empty it weighs about 50% less than typical steel cylinders.

These cylinders are suited to all kinds of use, from boating and RVs, to camping and picnicking, to barbecues and patio heaters, as well as normal domestic uses such as cookers and stoves.

• See-through - no more unexpectedly running out of fuel (if you remember to check the fuel level)
• Lightweight - least tank weight per pound of propane
• For vertical mounting
• Includes external Acme threaded/Type 1 valve - prevents fuel from releasing unless a positive connection is made
• Ergonomic outer casing design has a very nice finish; comfortable to carry
• Capacity shown is for propane fuel

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