Trigger Release Snap Shackles - Large Bail

Trigger Release Snap Shackles - Large Bail

17-4 PH High Strength Stainless Steel
By: Tylaska

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Large bails provide room for up to three additional shackles, or a combination of shackles and lines. The are ideal for using on spinnaker sheets, guys, or other multi-line applications.
Trigger snap shackles are designed for applications where the shackle needs to be opened under load - spinnaker sheets and guys, etc. Although they can be opened under light loads using your fingers, they are typically released - especially under high loads - by inserting a fid or spike into the trigger opening.

• Easy to release, even under full load
• Easily opened and closed using only one hand
• Corrosion resistant super high strength 17-4 PH stainless steel body
• Manufactured, designed and assembled completely in the USA
• Incredible breaking strengths at very light weights
• Every unit is pull tested and opened under several different loads at the factory to ensure proper strength and functioning
• This product should only be used for its intended purpose in sailboat applications

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