Trigger Release Snap Shackles

Trigger Release Snap Shackles - Standard Bail

17-4 PH High Strength Stainless Steel
By: Tylaska

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Standard size bails provide ample room for attaching a single line while keeping weight and overall shackle length to a minimum. They are ideal for attaching halyards and sheets.
Trigger snap shackles are especially suitable for applications where the shackle needs to be opened under load - such as spinnaker sheets and guys. Although they can be opened under light loads using your fingers, trigger snaps are typically released - especially under high loads - by inserting a fid or spike into the trigger opening.
Stronger, lighter, and more compact than conventional snap shackles with the same strength, trigger shackles can replace snap shackles anywhere you want to save weight - halyards, for example - without sacrificng strength or reliability.

• Easy to release, even under full load
• Exceptional breaking strengths at very light weights
• Easily opened and closed using only one hand
• Over-the-center load bearing design eliminates release pin binding of standard snap shackles
• Corrosion resistant super high strength 17-4 PH stainless steel body
• Manufactured, designed and assembled completely in the USA
• Every unit is pull tested and opened under several different loads at the factory to ensure proper strength and functioning
• This product should only be used for its intended purpose in sailboat applications

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