A90 Tie Bar - Twin OB Eng w/ Dual Hyd Steering Cyl

A90 Tie Bar - Twin OB Eng w/ Dual Hyd Steering Cyl

For More Than 500 Total HP | Use with Dual UC128-OBF or... | Dual UC128-SVS Front Mount Cyl
By: U-flex

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Heavy duty twin engine/twin cylinder tie bar kit for use with UC128 and UC128P “Port” version outboard cylinders. Suitable for use with Protech and SilverSteer™ cylinders these AISI 304 electropolished and passivated stainless steel tie bars are simple to install and allow for independent trimming of engines with minimal effect on engine alignment.

Suitable for applications with dual UC128-OBF (or UC128-SVS) front mount cylinders.
NOTE: in applications with single cylinder use A94 tie bar
Applicable to engine centers variable from 26” (660 mm) to 36” (914,4 mm).

6 different lengths available:
A90 x 26 - 42640B - 26” (660,4 mm) twin engine centers
A90 x 28 - 42641D - 28” (711,2 mm) twin engine centers
A90 x 30 - 42642F - 30” (762,0 mm) twin engine centers
A90 x 32 - 42643H - 32” (812,8 mm) twin engine centers
A90 x 34 - 42644K - 34” (863,6 mm) twin engine centers
A90 x 36 - 42645M - 36” (914,4 mm) twin engine centers

WARNING: In the applications with dual UC128-OBF (or UC128-SVS) cylinders it is necessary to order a standard UC128-OBF (or UC128-SVS) cylinder (link arm attached to the starboard side of the cylinder) and a UC128P-OBF (or UC128P-SVS) port cylinder (link arm attached to the port side of the cylinder).

UC128 starboard cylinders:
UC128-OBF/1 - 39423Z
UC128-OBF/2 - 39966R
UC128-OBF/3 - 39967T
UC128/1-SVS - 41281U
UC128/2-SVS - 41282W
UC128/3-SVS - 41283Y

UC128P port cylinders:
UC128P-OBF/1 - 40106U
UC128P-OBF/2 - 40107W
UC128P/1-SVS - 41328U
UC128P/2-SVS - 41329W &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& The A90 Tie Bar is suitable for twin engine applications with twin Uflex UC128-OBF (<300 HP) or UC128-SVS (>300 HP) front mount cylinders. (NOTE: In applications with a single cylinder, or under 500 combined horsepower, use the A94 tie bar; see Related Products, below.)

The A90 Tie Rod has a threaded bar inside a sleeve, and is adjustable for engine centers from 26" (660mm) to 37.4" (950mm). This is the most popular version of the A90.
Where the ultimate strength of a solid rod tie bar is required, the A90 tie bar is availble in half a dozen non-adjustable fixed length versions by special order. Inquire at 800-426-6930.

• Allows the engines to be tilted independently
• Stainless steel components
• Electropolished stainless steel ball joints

ATTENTION: As the tiller arm position varies from engine to engine and the distance between two engines is not predictable, unexpected interferences may occur while tilting.
We recommend that, after the tie bar installation, you carefully check for binding when both engines are tilted, or when one is tilted but the other is not (say, in the case of one engine breaking down.
Should you need additional information, please contact U-Flex Technical Help Service at 941-351-2628.

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