SC-1 Compass and Speedometer

SC-1 Compass and Speedometer

Super Accurate GPS

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This product is for hard-core racers who are looking for an edge on the competition. Whether it is giving you a jump on the fleet with sag-busting distance to line measurements or helping you find favorable current with accurate SOG measurements, the SC-1 gives you the instantaneous feedback you need to win.
When you buy an SC-1 it comes out of the box as an idiot-proof Compass and Speedometer. Our free Velocitek Control Center application allows you to connect your SC-1 to a Windows PC and enable the SC-1's advanced modes, such as VMG and Distance to Line. With Velocitek Control Center you can also download GPS data from your SC-1 and launch single boat replays with GPS Action Replay.
• Maximum speed recall
• Best 10 second average speed recall
• Adjustable damping
• Super-accurate GPS compass shows the direction you are actually moving in rather than where your bow is pointed - great for sailing in current
• GPS compass will give accurate readings with the device mounted in any orientation
• Programmable artificial declination for direct comparison with a magnetic compass
Start Line Proximity
• Indicates perpendicular distance to start line in meters
Calculates and displays upwind and downwind VMG in real-time based on a user-programmed wind direction
• Responding to wind shifts in Tactical Compass mode automatically adjusts the wind direction used to calculate VMG
• 1-9 minute countdown sequences available
• Sync. button
• Loud audible signal
Tactical Compass
• Displays your heading relative to the wind direction
• Makes wind shifts easy to identify
• Display shows the same number at equivalent angles on either tack

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