Vetus Bow Thrusters
Vetus Bow Thrusters

24V Bow Thruster - 4.4 kW, 6 HP, Boats 18 - 28 ft

Maintain Control of Your Boat in Adverse or Low Steerage Docking Situations
By: Vetus

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Simple, single propeller designs come up to speed faster, have fewer components, and provide virtually the same efficiency as hard-to-tune dual propeller thrusters

• 165 pounds of thrust at the propeller
• Motors are designed for continuous running at top speed for several minutes
• Motors can be mounted in any orientation, relative to the propeller, for easier installation
• Special design consideration has been given to noise reduction
• Streamlined drive housing (tailpiece) increases efficiency and reduces noise, as does the use of gears instead of chain in the transmission
• Lightweight, low mass plastic propellers attain maximum thrust very quickly, does not corrode, and are designed for low cavitation and to provide equal thrust in both directions
• All thrusters are supplied with a sacrificial anode to protect against corrosion of the bronze gear housing (tailpiece)
• Vetus tunnels come in a variety of materials and are designed to be as small as possible (less resistance underway) while maximizing thruster efficiency
• A variety of tunnels, control panels, circuit protectors and accessories are available; all purchased separately
• One year limited warranty

Due to the large number of variables involved, the data provided in the spec table is for use only as a general guide; call your Fisheries Supply customer service representative (800.426.6930) or visit for help in selecting the bow thruster best suited for your particular installation.

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