Boreas Cowl Vents

Boreas PVC Cowl Vents

3", 4" and 5" Models • Sophisticated Styling

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These cowl ventilators are made of flexible white PVC with red on the inside. The matching fastening ring can be tightened by hand, or with a special tool, supplied standard, with the cowl vent. If tightened with the tool, there is little chance your cowl vent will ever be stolen.

• Fastening ring and blind cover plate are supplied standard with each ventilator
• Dorade boxes sold separately (BOX75 - 3", BOX100 - 4" or BOX125 - 5")

How these vents are mounted...
These cowl vents are consist of a "deck" ring, and a cowl with a loose collar ring (aka "nut"). The "deck" ring is permanently mounted to the top of a dorade box, and the cowl is then placed on the deck ring and secured by tightening the collar ring.

The deck mounting ring is secured with (4) flat head fasteners, and has coarse external threads.
The female-threaded collar ring is loose on the cowl, but captured by a flat flange ring which is screwed to the bottom of the cowl with 3 screws (see image). The cowl is placed on the deck ring, and the collar ring is then turned down by hand or with the supplied deck key until tight. The collar ring can be loosened at any time to allow the cowl to be rotated as necessary.

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