Electric WCS Toilets

Electric WCS Toilets, 24V

Built-in Macerator Pump
By: Vetus

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All Vetus toilets are equipped with an electric pump, which will macerate the contents and evacuate it in about 7 seconds. The household sized porcelain bowl is stylish and ergonomic. Flush water can be drawn from the pressurized freshwater system utilizing the included electric solenoid valve (recommended), or seawater can be used with the aid of a remote pump (sold separately).

All Vetus toilets include an electronic control panel which features a dual-flush system; pushing the botton once will flush 0.32 gallons of water and pushing twice will produce a full flush of 0.58 gallons. By holding the button pressed down, the toilets can be discharged only, without flushing, for a dry bowl in rough weather.

• Clog-free centrifugal discharge pump with SS macerator blades
• Discharge line is only 3/4" for easy plumbing to holding tank
• 300W discharge pump capacity of 9.5 gal/min at 10 ft of head
• Holding tank may be placed up to 10 ft above and 100 ft away
• Discharge lines are supplied with a water lock and non-return flapper valve
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