Waterlock Mufflers - L and LP Styles

Waterlock Mufflers - L and LP Styles

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Waterlocks collect the cooling water present in the exhaust system when the engine is stopped, to prevent drainage back into the engine. In addition,they have great sound-dampening capabilities, and act as a very efficient muffler. The size of the waterlock is not only determined by the diameter of the exhaust hose, but also by the quantity of water that must be collected. A long exhaust run will require a larger waterlock.
• Synthetic material - completely corrosion-proof
• Models LP30, L50S, LP75, LP90 have stationary hose connections
• “R” models - L40R, L45R, L50R - have 360° revolving inlet connections for easier installation
• LP50S is a higher capacity waterlock for 2" hose
• 40mm Vetus hose for the L40R is available - see our Order# 156482
• All models have drain plugs for winter storage
• In the images shown, all models have the inlet at the rear (right)

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