Fuelsep® Fuel Conditioning Unit

Fuelsep Fuel Conditioning Unit

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The Fuelsep is a maintenance-free fuel treatment device that improves the combustion of diesel fuel so it burns more completely. It utilizes a metal catalyst to chemically change aromatic ring-shaped hydrocarbons found in fuels into aliphatic straight-chain forms which are easier to combust.

Improved combustion means less soot, lower exhaust temperature, and better fuel economy. You'll see a marked reduction in the diesel exhaust soot commonly deposited on the back of your transom and cockpit area.

This easy-to-install, in-line unit uses NO magnets, and is designed for all diesel engines, gensets, gasoline inboards, and even high performance outboards. See the Fuelsep Installation Parts entry for additional parts needed for installation. See Related Products, below.
Depending on fuel batch and driving habits, you can typically expect an increase of 5% in fuel economy - a real savings at today's high fuel prices.

• Reduces exhaust soot
• Enhances engine's performance, fuel economy and provides for cleaner combustion
• Increases fuel lubricity, promoting longer engine life and reduced maintenance
• No maintenance required
• (1) Fuelsep unit is required for each engine
• Each unit has a five-year/5,000 hour life
• Inboard units are 3" in diameter, and vary from 6-1/2" to 10" high
• Includes (2) mounting brackets; connection fittings are sold separately
• Ports are 3/4" NPT
• Shown with optional JIC 37 fittings (sold separately; choose appropriate size)
• If your horsepower is at top of range, you can select next larger unit for increased performance
• Expect a 20 - 25 hour break-in period before seeing final results

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