Bilge Pump Switch

Bilge Pump Switch

Submersible Electronic Bilge Pump Switch

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Instead of an unreliable and short-lived mechanical float switch, the Water Witch Bilge Pump Switches 217 & 230 have no moving parts and require no adjustments. This eliminates the chance of your battery dying or your pump burning out because of a jammed-on float switch.

Temperature, humidity or electrical noise will not affect this switch, nor will it interfere with other electronics.
Even with a layer of oil or gasoline in the bilge, the pump will be activated once the level of fluid in the bilge rises to allow water to come in contact with the switch

• Switch activates pump when the exposed capacitance sensor element is continually exposed to liquid water for 6 to 8 seconds (in saltwater, only one sensor needs to be in contact with bilge water)
• 14 second end-of-cycle delay ensures bilge hose can drain completely without re-activating the pump
• Mounting height of switch determines at what water level the pump is activated; usually mounted just above level of "backflow" water at end of pump cycle
• Can be mounted at any angle, at any orientation
• Can be used with 3-way panel switches (on-auto-off)
• Dimensions: 2-5/8"W x1-5/8"H x 1-5/8"D
• 7-year limited warranty
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