e-Panel P Series - Timed Alarm Mute Switch

e-Panel P Series - Timed Alarm Mute Switch

100% Waterproof Panel

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Captains and crew want the ability to mute an audible alarm system. However, there is concern that the mute feature will accidentally be left on, rendering the audible alarm in-active.
The new e-Panel P series with Inteli-mute is the answer. Inteli-Mute eliminates the possibility of the mute button being 'accidentally' activated and forgotten about.

Inteli-Mute activates once the mute button is pressed. It first silences the audible alarm, leaving the back-lit Mute button flashing as a visual reminder.
After 5 minutes, Inteli-Mute checks to see if an alarm condition still exists. If so, Inteli-Mute reactivates the audible alarm, warning that an alarm condition is still present and needs to be resolved.
If after 5 minutes when Inteli-Mute checks for an alarm condition, there is no alarm condition or once the alarm condition has been resolved, Inteli-Mute cancels the mute, reactivates the audible alarm and resets the device to wait for the next alert.

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