Removable Bases for Dinghy Chocks - Set of 2
Removable Bases for Dinghy Chocks

Removable Bases for Dinghy Chocks - Set of 2

Allows Removal of Normally Permanently Mounted Dinghy Deck Chocks

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These bases mount to your boat and allow for removing Weaver's dinghy chocks, which would otherwise be permanently mounted to the deck.
These Removable Bases are typically mounted on the deck or bridge for safety - so you don't trip over the chocks when they are not in use, or if you also need to use the dinghy's location for other purposes.

These bases should be ordered at the same time as you order your chocks, since the stanchion of each chock must be fitted with a locking mechanism to secure it in the base. (A standard deck mount chock cannot be used with these removable bases, as they will just slide right out.)
These bases will work with any of Weaver's Chocks.

The only times you might buy these bases by themsleves, is if you wish to create a second (alternate) mounting location for your dinghy on a large vessel and already own removable chocks, or if you have purchased a new boat and want to take your set of removable chocks with you, but leave the original bases on the old boat.

Made of 304 stainless steel.

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