Universal Dinghy Chocks with Tilting Pads - 500 lb Capacity

Universal Dinghy Chocks with Tilting Pads - 500 lb Capacity

Permanent Mount • For Hard-Bottom Inflatables & Dinghies Up to 500 lb

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Universal Dinghy Chocks are designed for mounting hard bottom dinghies or inflatable hard bottom dinghies (RIBs) on the deck or bridge of a yacht. They can be permanently mounted, or we offer the option to purchase them with slide-in bases - which allow for removing and stowing the chocks when they are not in use. See Related Products, below.
Note - if you want the removability option, you must purchase the chocks and bases at the same time, since the chocks' stanchions need to be modified with a locking mechanism for the base. The kits we offer is a very convenient way to do this.

This Standard tilting model chock has stanchion pads that are mounted in a fixed yoke, so they only tilt in the up/down direction - to adjust to the angle of the dinghy bottom/hull.
With somewhat limited adjustability, these chocks with standard tilting pads are typically selected when you can place the dinghy in nearly the same spot each time.
If you anticipate that the dinghy may sit in the chocks in various fore-aft positions on the hull, you should consider choosing the chocks with swivelling pads - which have better adaptability to varying hull angles.

• Set of 4 handcrafted chocks
• Easy to install, only takes a few minutes
• Made from 100% marine grade 304 stainless steel
• Thick hypalon rubber pads on stanchions
• Stanchion footprint is 5" x 6-7/8"
• Capacity is the total weight of the dinghy, including motor; larger pads better distribute the pad's pressure on the hulls of heavier dinghies

Chocks with larger pads are offered in more than one height to allow for large deck curvature, deeply veed hulls, clearing hatches or other obstructions, or to allow for larger dinghy engines.

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