AT-2010 Acrylic Adhesive - General Purpose

AT-2010 Acrylic Adhesive - General Purpose, Fast Set

Fast 6-Minute Set Time • Structural Adhesive • Weld Mount's Best-Selling Adhesive

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Weld Mount adhesives are designed for attaching Weld Mount's range of wire, tubing, and threaded mounting fixtures to a variety of surfaces.

AT-2010 Adhesive is Weld Mount's best selling adhesive — primarily because of its adhesion to a wide range of substrates and its very fast setting time.

AT-2010 has a 3-4 minute working time and reaches handling (difficult to remove) strength in 5-6 minutes at 72°F. This makes AT-2010 the ideal adhesive for applications which require an immediate high strength bond - such as mounting wire or tubing runs in a production setting where the work needs to move along quickly.

Extremely versatile, AT-2010 bonds to almost any surface including well-adhered painted surfaces, glass, and most hard plastics.
It is especially well-suited for bonding to fiberglass.
AT-2010 is not recommended for use on galvanized metal, rubber, or low surface energy plastics like Starboard, polypropylene, HDPE, and pure nylon.

Although AT-2010 adheres very well to metal substrates such as steel and aluminum, for critical applications, it is not the best Weld Mount adhesive for use on metals.
When attaching Weld Mount fixtures to metal substrates, we recommend using AT-6030 for horizontal surfaces, and non-sagging AT-8040 for vertical or overhead surfaces (as well as for horizontal ones, of course).
If you are bonding to a variety of metal and non-metal substrates, however, AT-2010 is a great choice.

AT-2010 has a medium high viscosity, similar to thick molasses. During application, it will hold all of Weld Mount's wire tie mounts and smaller studs on vertical and overhead surfaces without the need for any temporary support. Heavier parts, however, may need Weld Mount AT-690 fixture dots or a small piece of adhesive tape to hold parts in place while the adhesive kicks.
Alternatively, and arguably a better choice, you could switch to the thicker, non-sagging AT-8040 adhesive for installing these heavier fixtures.

Watch this 1 minute video to learn about AT-2010 adhesive.

Features -
• Very fast 6 minute setting time, with a 2-4 minute working (repositioning) time
• Functional working strength of as much as 2,000 psi is achieved in 18-20 minutes at 72°F; full strength cure in 24 hours
• Fully cured shear strength bonded to steel is approx. 3,500 psi - one square inch can support nearly 2 tons!
• All times are temperature dependent — warmer equals faster; cooder equals slower; do not apply below 55°F
• With only a few drops needed for each fixture, this 50 ml cartridge bonds 150 - 200 Weld Mount parts when used in continuous production work without having to change tips
• On irregular surfaces, can fill gaps up to 1/4"
• Dries to a golden, honey color

NOTE — This adhesive cartridge does NOT come with a mixing tip for dispensing with a gun. The mixing tip is sold separately.
Use the AT-300 adhesive dispensing gun with an AT-850 mixing tip (both sold separately); see Accessory Products, below.
Or, you can hand mix AT-2010 using an AT-500 manual plunger to dispense the adhesive onto a mixing board.

This adhesive has a storage life of 1 year when stored at 40°F. Refrigeration is strongly recommended.
At 72°F, shelf life is about 6 months.
Product at the limit of its shelf life can be tested for viability before you use it - wait 20 minutes, the mixed adhesive will not set hard if the product is bad. (You will still be able to press your fingernail into it.)

A word about the cartridge tip...
AT-2010 adhesive is packaged in a unique cartridge with two discreet tubular nozzles (one for each component) which fit into corresponding receptacles in the specialized AT-850 Mixing Tip.
The nozzles keep the components of the adhesvie completely separated until they are actually inside the mixing tube — so there is never any possibility of cross-contamination when the mixing tube is removed between uses, and no possibility of mixed components accidentally curing inside the cartridge tip. This assures that you will never accidentally waste a cartridge, or have to drill out the tip.
You can recognize this nozzle style of cartridge by its gray cap. The gray cap is indexed and can only be replaced on the cartridge in one orientation, further helping to eliminate the possibility of any cross-contamination.

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AT-2010 Bonds:
— Metals:
• Aluminum
• Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Coated Metals

— Thermosets:
• Fiberglass
• Phenolics
• Gelcoats
• Epoxy
• Rim Urethanes
• Polyurethanes
• Liquid Molding Resins

— Thermo Plastics:
• Acrylics
• Polycarbonates
• Nylons
• PPOs
• Vinyls
• Styrene
• Peek
• PBT Blends
• PET Blends

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