AT-4020 Acrylic Adhesive - General Purpose, Non-Sagging

AT-4020 Acrylic Adhesive - General Purpose, White in Color

10 - 12-Minute Set Time • Structural Adhesive • Weld Mount's Only White Adhesive

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AT-4020 is Weld Mount's only white adhesive. If, for aesthetic purposes, you need a white adhesive, choose AT-4020.
Otherwise, for virtually any application, there is another Weld Mount adhesive that does a better job.

AT-2010 is about 10% stronger for general purpose bonding of Weld Mount's lighter attachments, and is 30% stronger when bonding to a metal surface (except galvanized).
AT-8040 is better both for general purpose bonding to fiberglass or metal substrates (including galvanized), and the best adhesive for use on vertical or overhead surfaces - where non-sagging is a primary requirement. AT-8040 will hold Weld Mount's heaviest attachments in any orientation.
AT-6030 is better where ultimate high strength is required, especially on metal or carbon fiber surfaces.

Having said all that, Weld mount's AT-4020 is a general purpose acylic adhesive similar, in many ways, to their AT-2010, but quite a bit thicker - like peanut butter. It used to be marketed for vertical wall and overhead applications, but has now been replaced by the vastly superior AT-8040 for applications where non-sagging is important.

Weld Mount AT-4020 is a specially formulated acrylic adhesive with high viscosity. It holds heavier Weld Mount studs and stand-offs with little or no sagging in vertical or overhead applications. Usually, the mount can be applied without having to hold it in place while the adhesive sets, greatly speeding your work time.
Viscosity is high, similar to peanut butter. Bonds to virtually any surface, including glass and most plastics except Starboard, polypropylene, HDPE, pure nylon and rubber.

Although AT-4020 is very viscous and capable of supporting overhead and vertical surface attachment placements, Weld Mount offers a better choice for these applications. If non-sagging is your primary property of interest, we urge you to consider using the superior AT-8040 adhesive, instead.

• General purpose, non-sagging formula
• Sets in 10 - 12 minutes; working strength in 30 minutes at 72°F
• "Stick and go" no wait mounting
• 50 ml cartridge - bonds 100 - 150 Weld Mount parts
• Hand mix or use the AT-300 adhesive gun with an AT-850 wide mixing tip
• Exceptionally long 1-year shelf life at 72°F

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