Drip Less® Moldable Packing Kits

Drip Less Moldable Packing Kits

Seals Leaky Prop Shaft and Rudder Packing Boxes

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This Moldable Packing is used to stop leaking, worn propeller and rudder shafts, where packing alone doesn't make a good seal.
The Drip Less Moldable Packing Kit contains Teflon® moldable packing and Teflon® paste. This combination of materials forms a self-lubricating dripless seal within the leaky packing box - keeping the water out. Standard shaft packing (sold separately) is used as a retainer to hold the moldable packing in place in the stuffing box. We recommend using Graphtex Ultra (GTU) as the packing since it doesn't shrink over time.

In use, several rings of the moldable packing are sandwiched between two rings of standard packing. Some higher speed shafts may exceed the performance limits of the kit, so be sure to compute the formula shown below for your particular application:

• Shaft diameter (in inches) x maximum shaft (not engine!) rotation x 0.25 = ?
• The answer must not exceed 900, and usually does not. If it exceeds 900, the shaft rotates too fast to use this product.
In that case, use the self-lubricating Graphtex Ultra (GTU) packing, which is ideal for high speed applications

Remember, you need to purchase standard packing for use with this kit.

NOTE regarding the smaller #10146 Starter Kit - The internal volume of packing boxes for a given shaft diameter can vary. So even though, according to the manufacturer, the #10146 Starter Kit will almost always provide enough material to seal 1-1/2" shafts, we have conservatively rated it for a maximum shaft diameter of 1-1/4" just to be certain. (This concurs with the instructions that come with the kit.)

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