Light Duty Waterproof Wiper Motor Kit with Arm & Blade - Black Motor Case
Light Duty Waterproof Wiper Motor Kit - with Arm & Blade

Light Duty Waterproof Wiper Motor Kit with Arm & Blade - Black Motor Case

8 N·m Torque • "Small Square Motor"

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Checking Your Price
These are pre-packaged kits that include a motor, and a matched wiper arm and blade. All you need to do is add a switch; see Related Products, below.
These kits are available with black or white motor cases - see Related Products.

For light duty applications, this compact-sized motor is sized to accommodate small windshields.
With an armature case measuring only 2-1/2" x 4-3/8" (64mm x 110mm), it can be located in small spaces, and yet still drive 14" (350 mm) arms and blades.

Note that even though this is described as a "Light Duty" motor, at 8 N·m it has the highest torque in its class.
Higher torque means the motor can power longer arms and blades with less effort and less heat buildup. And heat buildup is the biggest culprit in wiper motor failures.

• SS radial wiper arm is adjustable: 11" to 14"
• Supplied with 11" blade for smaller windshields
• Motor: 8 N·m torque (∼5.9 ft·lb force); CE certified
• Shaft: 1", pinch bolt (pin) type
• Speeds: 1 speed; 54 sweeps per second
• Park: coast-to-park circuitry; user adjustable left or right (as viewed from the bow of the boat)
• Sweep: 80° or 110° (not adjustable)
• UV resistant waterproof case

Heavy on the technical side...

Definition of Park Position
Park position is determined by 3 factors: the position of the observer, the position of the motor, and the position of the blades in the parked (off) position.
It is always assumed that the observer is outside the cabin, looking at the windshield.
• Wiring instructions included

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