CDM4 Carbon Monoxide Detector - 2 Models

CO Sentinel - Carbon Monoxide Detector

Available With or Without Generator Shut Down
By: Xintex

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This sophisticated CO detector is available with, or without, a separate relay for shutting down a genset - a common source of carbon monoxide on recreational vessels - when CO is detected.

• State-of-the-art CO detection circuitry
• Sensor is not affected by fumes from common cleaning solutions
• Time-weighted average detection circuitry eliminates nuisance false alarms
• Extremely low current draw in monitor mode
• LED indicator lights for power available and alarm condition
• Alarm test button
• Internal circuitry tests for correct sensor operation every 10 seconds and alerts if there is a fault condition
• 12 Volt DC operation
• Specifically designed for use in marine environments - circuit board is sealed against moisture and corrosion
• UL 2034 listed for marine use
• Very small footprint: 3-1/2"H x 2-3/8"W x 1-1/4" Deep
• 1-year warranty
• Made in USA

CO detection mechanisms have a 5-year lifespan which is independent of their power supply. They just wear out.
To ensure your continued protection, the device has a built-in alarm mechanism to alert you to the need to replace the detector at the end of its service life. See below for more details.

CO Sentinel Deluxe - With Genset Shutdown:
Fireboy-Xintex's most advanced CO detector. This unit features automatic generator shutdown capability when CO is detected - eliminating a common source of CO fumes. The CO Sentinel Deluxe also features multiple location warning capability - allowing up to six detectors to be linked in series. When one detector alarms, all connected detectors will alarm to alert boat inhabitants in other locations to the presence of CO.

CO Sentinel - Without Genset Shutdown:
Ideal for smaller vessels without gensets, the CO Sentinel has the same state-of-the-art sensor as well as the lowest current draw of any Fireboy-Xintex CO Detector.

Heavy on the technical side...
A by-product of combustion, carbon monoxide is invisible, tasteless, odorless, and is produced by all engines, heating, and cooking appliances. The most common sources of CO on boats are gasoline engines, auxiliary generators, and propane heating or cooking devices. All of these produce large amounts of CO and should never be operated while occupants are sleeping.
A slight build-up of carbon monoxide in the human body over several hours causes headaches, nausea and other symptoms similar to food poisoning, motion sickness, or the flu. High concentrations can be fatal.
The ABYC recommends installation of a CO detector in the main cabin area, as well as in each enclosed sleeping area.

This carbon monoxide alarm is designed to detect carbon monoxide gas from ANY source of combustion.
It is NOT designed to detect smoke, fire, or any other gas.

NOTE — New ABYC standards require that all new vessels manufactured after July 31, 2016 with an enclosed accommodation compartment (sleeping accommodations, plus galley with sink, plus enclosed head compartment) must have a CO detection system installed.

CO Detectors - End-of-Life Protocols
ALL Xintex carbon monoxide (CO) detectors have a limited life span and must be replaced five years after the date of manufacture.

The unit is equipped with a 5 year EOL timer. This timer runs continuously, powered by an independent lithium battery. When the timer has run for 4 years and 11 months from the date of manufacture, the unit will signal the first EOL (green LED - Off, red LED - On, horn - Int. Beep every 30 sec.) alarm.

To temporarily silence the alarm —
While the unit is EOL alarming, press and hold the test/silence button until both lights come on. This is will reset the device to normal operation for 72 hours. This process can be repeated during the next 30 days. After this time the unit will continually signal EOL and will no longer detect CO. (Unit must be replaced.)

NOTE — During EOL reset the unit will go through a self-diagnostic process followed by the test sequence.

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