S-1 Series Single Channel Propane⁄CNG Fume Detector Systems

S-1 Series Single-Channel Propane/CNG Fume Detector System

Automatically Detects Propane Leaks and Shuts Down System (Solenoid Models)
By: Xintex

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Xintex® S-Series fume detectors offer common sense protection against the potential on-board hazards of propane and compressed natural gas (CNG).
As a single channel detector, this S-1 system has a connection for just one sensor. For applications requiring two sensors, use the S-2 dual channel detector. See Related Products, below.

With its high heat output and widespread availability, propane has become the fuel of choice for marine cooking and heating. Being flammable and also denser than air, should there be a leak in the system, propane gas can settle in enclosed areas of a boat, presenting an explosion hazard should there be a spark.

Unlike others, the Xintex fume sensor is splash-proof - allowing for mounting it right in the bilge, where propane vapors collect. It has a proprietary coating which is resistant to incidental water splashes, but allows vapors to pass.
While CNG (methane) is less dense than air and doesn't tend to settle, it can still explode if released in high enough concentrations and set off with a spark - so it is still worth monitoring.

These Xintex fume detectors produce an audible and visible alarm when exposed to propane or CNG vapors.
The "A" models also include circuitry to automatically close a solenoid valve - which shuts off the flow of propane or CNG, thus preventing additional leakage. The solenoids fail in the safe (off) mode, in case of electrical system failure.

Although the MS-2 Sensor used in these systems can also detect gasoline vapors, the components of the S-series Detector Panels are geared toward propane/CNG.
For the specialized fume detection requirements of gasoline powered boats, please refer to the Xintex M-Series Gasoline Detectors; see Related Products.

• Self-testing circuitry for all operations
• Models with "A" in the part number include circuitry to control a remote solenoid valve
Model S-1 includes an alarm/display with a 2" square bezel, and a single MS-2 gasoline/propane/CNG plug-in sensor (red); it has no solenoid function, and does not have the ability to control a solenoid valve
Model S-1A includes an alarm/display with a 2" square bezel, a single MS-2 sensor, and an SV-1 automatic solenoid shut-off valve (1/4" NPT)
Model S-1A-NV includes a display with a 2" square bezel, and a single MS-2 sensor; it includes solenoid circuitry but does NOT include a shut-off solenoid valve, but you can add your own if you want
• All models include visual and auditory alarms
• All sensors include a 20 foot sensor connector wire
• Factory set at 10 - 20% of lower explosive level to avoid nuisance alarms
• Sensor failure alarm
• Alarm horn mute function
• Made in USA

Click here for the Installation and Operation Manual for the S-1A.

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