A-788 Splash Zone Compound

A-788 Splash Zone Compound

The "Duct Tape" of the Marine World • Multi-Purpose Two Part Epoxy Repair Compound • Cures Underwater!

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A-788 Splash Zone is an easy to use two-part epoxy patching compound. It is so versatile for making emergency patch repairs, that it has been called "the duct tape of the marine world".

Although it can be used above the waterline, Splash Zone really comes into its own for making emergency underwater repairs to damaged boat hulls, bulkheads, fuel tanks, pipes, and other structures. Knowledgeable commercial fishermen won't leave port without it.

When cured, Splash Zone forms an extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant surface. It applies like putty to seal, fill, patch, or re-build. It can be used on aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass, steel or galvanized steel.
Splash Zone can be applied in or out of the water to repair boat hulls, buoys, seawalls, docks, bridge abutments, wood pilings, and more.

As a barrier coating, Splash Zone provides excellent protection against corrosion of metals, and deterioration or erosion of concrete or wood.
Splash Zone’s rock-hard surface can be drilled, tapped, or machined.

• Use above or below the waterline, in fresh or salt water
• Can be mixed and applied underwater
• Can be applied in a layer from 1/8" to 2" thick
• Will cure underwater as well as in air
• Adheres to any clean sound surface - wet or dry
• Ideal for protecting structures which will be buried in soil
• Not for use in potable water systems
• 100% solids epoxy-polyamide mastic with the consistency of peanut butter
• Zero VOCs - will not shrink as it cures
• Sold as complete kits with primer and catalyst; mixed 1:1
• Mixed color is olive green
• Application temperature is 50°F and above
• Theoretical coverage: 13 sq ft/mixed gallon @ 1/8" thickness

Note — Product sizes indicate total mixed volume.

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